One step further in the MASUDEM project

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  UPO (News published by
Economics and Accounting Department
. UPO)

Date: 06/05/2024.


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From 6-17 May 2024, three male and two female professors from Naresuan
University (NU) in Thailand; Universitas Islam Indonesia (UII) and Universitas
Gadjah Mada (UGM) in Indonesia visited the Pablo de Olavide University. These
universities are members of the MASUDEM Project.

Professor Michaela Bednárová of the Department of Financial Economics and
Accounting coordinates this project. In addition to Prof. Bednárová, the
Department’s lecturers Emma Berenguer, Araceli Casasola, and Vicente Pérez also
collaborated. During the week, visiting professors gained insight into various
aspects of our university, including international relations and cooperation;
Postgraduate Studies; Laboratory and experimental work; the implementation of
the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the University; and the
Library-CRAI. Furthermore, they were trained in different methodological
approaches and discussions were held on them. They were also received by the
Dean Francisco J. Tato at the College of Economists of Seville.

visiting professors expressed their satisfaction with the presentations, guided
tours, and training received, showing enthusiasm and a desire to continue to
strengthen the bonds with Pablo de Olavide University.

Report prepared by: Michaela Bednárová and Araceli Casasola. UPO.