The MASUDEM project aims to drive sustainable development and job creation in Indonesia and Thailand (Region 5) by developing and enhancing the curricula and capacities of academic and administrative staff at partner universities in these countries.

The project is centered around addressing the critical need to promote sustainable growth and a green deal, and will be instrumental in achieving these objectives in partner countries.

Over the course of the project, the development and accreditation of a new Master’s program/Concentration in Sustainable Development and Management will take place at partner country universities. This new program will be supported by the development of relevant study program modules, course documentation, and study texts, as well as the retraining of partner country academics teaching in the program. Additionally, study services for students of the Master’s program will be upgraded, in line with best practices, and administrative staff responsible for their provision will be trained.

To support the core project outcomes, relevant equipment will be purchased, strengthening the capacity building and supporting the main goals of the project. The project provides a unique opportunity for the partner institutions to build sustainable cooperation links with EU partner institutions, which are aligned with their internationalization strategies.

The outcomes of the project will be disseminated to key stakeholders, providing a foundation for future collaborations and growth beyond the current project consirtium. By focusing on Sustainable Development and Management, the project addresses the specific needs of the partner countries, aligning their development with the UN sustainable development goals, and spreading European values in partner countries. This will lead to a lasting impact on the South- East Asian region and contribute to its economic and social development.