Academic Staffs At UPO

MASUDEM Training at Pablo de Olavide University Sevilla!
Participants had a day filled with insightful sessions at UPO. The program began with administrative training on international exchange programs, uncovering global opportunities. Next, participants delved into EU projects and discussed potential collaborations for the future. Later, a visit to the postgraduate office provided insights into master studies organization at UPO. The day concluded with a lab visit led by Prof. Gassan Hodaifa, focusing on environmental research in waste water management.

Second day of MASUDEM Training at Pablo de Olavide University in Sevilla Our partners attended the class observation of prof. Michaela Bednarova, received a contextual, administrative and methodological training on SDGs application at the university by Oscar Aceda and a continuation of administrative training from Maria Ruiz Sutilo.