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MASUDEM Kick-Off Meeting

MASUDEM Kick-off meeting was organized by the MASUDEM project coordinating institution University of Economics in Bratislava and took place between February 15 and February 17, 2023 in Bratislava, Slovakia.

The Kick-off meeting was attended by all partners´ Management board members and administrators who has discussed the project implementation, especially with the focus on the Work package 1.

We would like to thank all partners for their determination and effort to implement the proposed activities and achieved the given goals!  It was great to share experience and learn more about partners´ initiatives. Thank You!

Please click on the picture to see the Gallery from the MASUDEM Kick-off meeting

Steering Committee Meeting 1

Steering Committee meeting 1 represents the managerial meetings of the consortium to plan and monitor the project implementation. The meeting will be held in Yogyakarta, Indonesia between September 12-15, 2023 and jointly hosted by the Universitas Gadjah Mada and Universitas Islam Indonesia.

Work Package 1: Preparation

Work packgage 1: Preparation is lead by the Universidad Pablo de Olavide.
The work package includes activities within the preparatory stage of the project aimed at performing an in-depth partner country and partner institution needs assessment. At the same time, program country HEIs will focus on specifying methodologies related to MASUDEM.
Prepared studies – Mapping report and Contextual report will be presented and discussed at dedicated workshop – Mapping and Contextual workshop that will be hosted by the lead institution Universidad Pablo de Olavide , Seville, Spain.
The tudies will be quality assessed (internally and by external revirwers) and finalized to create the theoretical basis for the next work packages content.