Site Visit NU, Thailand

Title: MASUDEM Project’s Coordinator, Prof. Dr. Anetta Caplanova, Visits Faculty of Logistics and Digital Supply Chain, Naresuan University to Review Progress and Explore Collaborative Opportunities Phitsanulok, Thailand – On July 4, 2023, Prof. Dr. Anetta Caplanova, the coordinator of the MASUDEM (Master in Sustainable Development and Management) project, visited the Faculty of Logistics and Digital Supply Chain (LDSC) campus in Phitsanulok for a progress report on the project. The meeting took place at the Ekatosarot Building, the main administrative building of LDSC.
The event commenced with a warm welcome from Associate Prof. Dr. Vatcharapol Sukhotu, the Dean of LDSC, NU (Naresuan University). Among the attendees from LDSC, NU were Associate Prof. Dr. Kullapa Soratana, a member of the MASUDEM Steering Committee and LDSC Faculty, Dr. Klairung Ponanan, the Deputy Dean for Academic Services, Dr. Thammnoon Hengsadeekul, the Deputy Dean for Research and Educational Quality Development, and Dr. Jaruwat Patmanee, a faculty member at LDSC.
The primary objective of the meeting was to provide an update on the progress and status of the MASUDEM Project at LDSC, NU. The participants discussed the courses that are currently being developed as part of the project and identified the leaders responsible for their development. They also reported on the preparations for the next steps required to achieve the project’s deliverables outlined in the work packages. Notably, the process for accrediting the courses to be developed at NU and the acquisition of equipment to enhance the teaching of those courses were part of the planned preparations.

Following the meeting, a tour of the LDSC classrooms and laboratories was conducted, showcasing the existing teaching facilities available at LDSC, NU. This was followed by a campus tour of NU, providing Prof. Dr. Anetta Caplanova with an overview of the university’s infrastructure and facilities The MASUDEM project, coordinated by Prof. Dr. Anetta Caplanova, aims to manage a master program in sustainable development and management through the development of specialized courses. The collaboration between MASUDEM and LDSC, NU signifies the commitment of both institutions to foster education and research in driving logistics and digital supply chain management towards sustainability, contributing to the advancement of knowledge and skills in these areas.