Site Visit SWU, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand – On July 27, 2023 Professor Dr. Anetta Caplanova has visited the Faculty of Economics (Prasarnmrith Campus) in Bangkok for a developed curriculum on the project. The meeting has taken at the Puk-Sa-Sawan meeting room at the M.L. Pin Malakul Building, the main administrative building of the Faculty of Economics.

The event commenced with a warm welcome from Assistant Professor Dr. Adul Supanut, the Dean of Economics, SWU (Srinakharinwirot University). Among the attendees from ECON SWU were Assistant Professor Dr. Suppanunta Romprasert, a member of the MASUDEM steering Committee and Head of Economic Department, Dr. Danai Tanamee, the Deputy Dean for Social Enterprise and International Communications, and Mr Thunyathorn Wallapaichit, an ECON SWU academic administrative of the MASUDEM project.

The primary aim of the convened meeting was to engage in comprehensive discussions and provide a comprehensive progress update concerning the formulation of subjects tailored for Master’s Studies within the realm of Sustainable Development and Management, alongside an assessment of the current status of the MASUDEM Project situated at the ECON department of SWU. Deliberations amongst the participants encompassed an in-depth of the ongoing development of courses integral to the project, and the identification of key individuals vested with the responsibility for their conceptualization and creation. Additionally, meticulous planning was undertaken to establish a timeline for the forthcoming training phases, crucial to the fulfillment of the project’s objectives as outlined within the framework of its work packages.